Sunday, September 20, 2015

NEERHS Library Quick Start Guide

This webpage is designed to be your virtual librarian for the NEERHS.

We have three types of information available for browsing :

1.  Our Scanned Collections - The pictures!  The fun stuff!  The final product!
Looking to browse some blueprints, or see if you can find great-granpa on a crowded trolley?
Start here!

Trolley Parks of Maine

2.  Our Indexed Collection - Information about collections that we have, but have not digitized yet.
Here's our index of books and other items in our physical holdings - online information about things that physically live on the shelf in our facility.  We've also got some information about photo collections that are in-process or under consideration for digitizing.

O.R. Cummings Collection
Wason Collection

3.  Other Interesting Historical Collections
Part of being a library is sharing information - maybe we don't have it, but someone else does - and has been nice enough to put it online where you can read it.

Street Railway Journal

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