Monday, January 11, 2010

Tools of the Trade I

Cataloging and fully describing the images in the Cummings Photograph Collection can definitely be a challenging task. Not all of our library volunteers are trolley experts. Some of us, actually, are pretty ignorant about trolleys! Or at least we were ignorant until our volunteer Lloyd Rosevear came up with this handy guide, Trolleys for Dummies.

During one of our work sessions, I pestered Lloyd with so many questions like, "What kind of car is this?" and "What kind of roof is this?", that he had a brainstorm and created a visual dictionary of trolley cars. This reference has been a valuable "tool of the trade" as we tackle the many photographs in O.R.'s collection. And to think: Lloyd used to get into all sorts of trouble in grammar school from teachers who begged him to stop drawing trolley cars all over his schoolwork!

Thanks, Lloyd! And when are we going to get more pages??

Submitted by Amber, STM Library volunteer

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